Yesterday, Digital Money looks at Bencong, and Tomorrow, Block Chain looks at giants.

The chairman of the New York Stock Exchange said Bitcoin would survive
The building of block chain standards is not a one-step process, but a gradual P.O.D Summit of New Area Potential Block Chain.

Yesterday, Digital Money looks at Bencong, and Tomorrow, Block Chain looks at giants.

Perhaps it will be a mystery who Nakamoto is. However, the digital currency created by him will not be silent, because people continue to support the block chain technology, and finally make the digital currency become the obstacle that people can not get around. Although digital money has almost been abandoned by the mainstream market, the block chain has been pushed to the historical stage as a successor of the post-mobile Internet era. Using the idea, technology and concept of block chain to solve the painful points and difficult problems that can not be solved in the Internet era has become the key to the development of the industry in the future.

Whether it is the support of the giant or the professional platform of the block chain industry, they are trying to find the best way to apply the technology of the block chain, in order to seize the development dividend of the block chain era. Because of the inertial thinking of the early development of digital currency and the immature development of block chain technology, many block chain projects eventually entered the road of coin or ICO, and finally let the block chain enter the stage of “rising before declining”. The subversive remodeling of block chain for industry opens up a new development outlet for us. At the same time, it tells us that it is difficult to achieve the goal of combining with many industries by relying solely on the concept and connotation of digital currency. If block chain technology wants to develop forward, it must transform and grow by itself.

At present, the technology giants represented by BAT only regard block chains as similar concepts to big data, cloud computing and AI, but do not really regard block chains as an independent technology. The main reason why block chains encounter the cold reception at present is that the essence of digital money naturally leads them to the dead end of coin issuance, and the quick success and instant benefit of block chains project makes people not spend too much energy on the research and development of block chains technology, which eventually leads to the decline of block chains technology into a kind of technology. Concept.

The tuyere coexists with the whirlpool, and the block chain is experiencing a great change.

Perhaps it is because people simply regard block chain technology as a vent, so they will not hesitate to participate in it. However, the existence of business has always been a very realistic thing. It is difficult to achieve real success in business just by relying on one’s blood. The same is true of block chain technology. Although we all know that block chain technology will be a development outlet in the future, if we only shout slogans orally, but do not put concrete actions into the advancement of block chain technology, block chain will undoubtedly become a concept.

When the block chain is really reduced to a concept, the wind vent in people’s eyes will evolve into a whirlpool, which will enclose all people’s wishes and hopes. At this time, the block chain is no longer a tuyere, but will become a real concept. There are too many examples in the Internet age. People only see the potential of an industry one-sidedly, but they are unwilling to participate in it. They just regard these new technologies and models as a concept.

The current block chain market is undoubtedly experiencing such a dramatic change with coexistence of vents and whirlpools. How to say goodbye to the development mode with the ultimate goal of concept and truly let the block chain settle down in the specific business will directly determine its future development. We see that many practitioners of block chain begin to change from platform mode to technology mode, and break through from concept to landing by increasing investment in the research and development of block chain technology. The concepts related to block chains, such as block, computing power, consensus mechanism, have been enriched and developed from the poor to the white, and have really landed in many fields such as copyright protection, law, food traceability and so on.

If we give a clear orientation to the great changes in the current block chain, landing may be the most appropriate word. When the block chain encounters the cold winter, maybe only landing can make the block chain not only rely on survival, but can really bring new growth potential to the development of the industry. Many new concepts based on the application of block chain, such as block chain + copyright protection, block chain + food traceability, block chain + insurance and so on, have been discovered. This phenomenon tells us that the block chain market is undergoing a great change from concept to landing, and the key to success or failure of this change is that the block chain can really be related to its industries. Achieving real integration is not just conceptual innovation.

Abandoning the thinking of creating wealth, the block chain should return to the technology itself.

The great change that block chain technology is experiencing is actually to return block chain technology from concept to technology itself. Since block chain technology was born in digital currency, people will take it for granted that block chain technology is a means of “getting rich”, through continuous “cutting leek” to achieve the increase of self-wealth. However, if we only confine the application of block chains to such a narrow scope, it will undoubtedly greatly limit the development of block chains themselves, and will evolve block chains from technology itself into a concept.

Therefore, only by abandoning the thinking of building wealth of block chain and truly regarding block chain technology as a technology, can we find more points of integration with external industries and be more beneficial to its long-term development. In fact, we can see from the development of the standard Internet era that the so-called mobile Internet era is a process of traffic migration. Its essence is that it has not really changed the industry itself, and ultimately led to becoming an Internet hawk.

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