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The self-Media portrait is realized by multi-dimensional data such as surface data (including reading number, point approval number), business data (including price, price history), generating data (content attribute, advertising attribute) and so on. The standardization of self-Media resources is realized by realizing self-Media portrait, daily price system and deep mining of commercial data.

Provide automatic delivery strategy, fast scale delivery, intellectualization, standardization and effect tracking services for key customers and group customers. Provide small and medium-sized enterprise customers with efficient implementation of micro-marketing needs, accurate matching planning, copywriting and other execution elements, and arrange marketing budget services according to the delivery effect.

In the future, we will provide some technical services for self-Media marketing: Intelligent Placement Calculator, which innovatively replaces the tedious condition selection with search, and accurately grasps the real needs of users; and the foolish operation mode, which makes marketing no longer a tedious professional operation for advertisers. Exclusive Intelligent Choice Housekeeper – the precise media service for personalized advertisers, intelligent recommendation of exclusive housekeeper according to the characteristics of advertisers. Real-time effect monitoring – real-time transparent monitoring effect; real-time settlement basis.

Platforms do not like advertising, because in the era of homogeneous competition, the success or failure of content platforms is: traffic scale-signal-to-noise ratio; however, in the era of content producer-centric, platforms must give part of their benefits in exchange for content.